It’s Alive! – The Importance of Choosing Living Foods

You absorb the sun’s energy through the food you eat as well as through your skin. Stored sun energy from your food gets into your cells in the form of tiny particles of light. These light particles are called ‘biophotons’, which are the smallest physical units of light.

We all know sunlight is vital – without the sun it is virtually impossible for most life forms to exist on this earth. In fact, we can all attest to the revitalizing effect sunlight has on our spirits,
souls and bodies, especially after a long, dark, dreary winter. Those first warm sunny spring days boost our moods and energy levels.

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a brilliant German biochemist, says live foods are electron-rich, attract, store, and conduct the sun’s energy in your body. The more light energy you have stored, the greater your electromagnetic field is, which creates more available energy for healing and maintaining optimal health.

Consider this: The most basic building blocks in our bodies are cells. Cells group together to make tissues; tissues form organs. Our organs form our 7 body systems. In nature we have 7 primary colors – the 7 colors of the rainbow. In music there are 7 notes. Just as musical instruments must be properly tuned to produce beautiful music – the 7 systems in our bodies must be “in tune with nature”.

We can actually be considered to be “human photocells,” whose basic nutrient is sunlight. I mentioned something called “biophotons,” earlier. They contain important biological information, which controls complex vital processes in your body. These light units actually have the power to order and regulate body functions. When we are saturated with these, we enjoy greater feelings of vitality and well-being.

So why is this important to you? Very simply, the more sunlight a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. The ability to store biophotons is a measure of the quality of your food.

What foods specifically are we talking about? Your body was designed with the built-in ability to recognize the pure nutrition that nature provides and whole foods are the purest form of nutrition available – they are alive! They carry bio-electric energy and other complex nutritional messages that vibrate with frequencies that energize the body.

Specifically, naturally grown, fresh vegetables and sun-ripened fruits are rich in light energy. Raw, live foods, like sprouts are particularly alive with this energy.

Minerals are particularly powerful sources of biophotons. Where do you find them? In natural, unprocessed Celtic sea salt, seaweeds, fish, bee pollen, properly soaked and/or sprouted grains, raw seeds and nuts. All foods I suggest you begin including in your meal plans.

The food you choose can nourish not only your body but your spirit and soul as well. Spiritual nutrition includes whole foods, and the energetic qualities of the food. Please don’t get nervous and think this is some “new age” stuff. I assure you it is the way God created the living foods we are to use as fuel. Our bodies, souls and spirits receive important information when we provide them with nutrient-dense, fresh,whole foods.

So my suggestion to you is this: begin to include more raw, living foods in your daily meal plans. A very easy way to begin is simply by eating a raw salad daily topped with sprouts; eating a few pieces of ripe fruit; and properly preparing your whole grains.

Remember the Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 30:19 to choose life. Part of that is choosing the right fuels to nourish ourselves. Next time you are choosing foods for your meal, ask yourself – is there any life in this?

Dog Food Fundamentals

All dog owners recognize that most dogs enjoy to eat, but oftentimes they come across themselves attempting to puzzle out which dog food to purchase. It has been said for the lengthiest time that dogs are our dearest best friends, but the truth presently is that they have moved up from being in the best friend category to the family member category. Since pets are another member of our family we prefer to render our darlings the finest care and that likewise includes the best dog food.

Numerous dogs over time grow sick of consuming the same food, and they become fussy. The pet food that one day they enjoyed to eat, they don’t even desire to flavor presently. It’s natural for owners to look for food choices once their furry friends do not want to eat their regular food. This is when problem can start out. This is when the owners may choose to begin feeding their pet’s table food, and by doing so they could compromise their dog’s nutrition.

When a dog owner is changing their dog’s dietary habits they’re vulnerable to giving them additional treats and bites. Practicing this could cause the pet to get fat. Additionally, if the owner doesn’t over compensate by feeding them these goodies or dog snacks, the dog will be pushed to go for what is given to him at mealtimes. It does not really matter if you want to give him raw dog food, premium dog food or gourmet dog food, what matters is to avoid giving him any snacks or treats when he isn’t eating. If you do so, this will just promotes his fussy eating and will perpetuate the fussiness.

Feeding the dog the best food will guarantee that he stays happy , fit and healthy, and besides it helps keep the dog’s coat lustrous. Amid the ingredients in almost 99% of dog foods are salt, corn, sugar, phosphates, colorings and artificial flavors.

There’s nothing wrong by giving your pet homemade dog food, (this is the type of food prepared for animal pets at home) or holistic dog food (this is natural dog food) merely the owner has to be careful to feed the pet on food that will render him with enough nutrition. Numerous owners have even decided to feed their dogs’ vegetarian dog food or even organic dog food. Feeding your dog with vegetarian dog food is yet harder for many as cooking vegetarian food for your dog could take a long time.

As the owner feed the pet with home cooked food, he or she may want to include rice, corn, oatmeal or wheat. All these are good carbohydrates sources.

An alternative that dog owners could consider is to sum up the home made dog food to a medium quality dog food. If you choose to go this path, you might need to add some nutritional supplementation or vitamins. In that way you will be able to assure good nutrition for your dog at altogether.

Make sure that you scan the labels of the dog food prior to you buying it. It is best that the food contains as primary constituent beef, turkey, or chicken. Attempt to ward off vegetal protein as the principal component for the dog food. Vegetable protein, which includes wheat shorts and middling’s, soybean, meal, peanut meal, peanut shells (same as cellulose), ground yellow corn and rice husks, is the pillar of dry dog foods.

Poison in the Food You Eat

Imagine this situation: You skipped lunch due to some office work that needs to be submitted and soon found yourself with your stomach protesting loudly by the time your job is over. You went home and saw a pizza on the table. It looks new and mouth watering but smells and tastes a little funny. You thought that maybe it is just the pineapple ingredient so you removed them and proceeded eating it anyway. What you do not know is you are already on your way to experience poisoning in your food.

There are lots of ways that you can get food poisoning. It may be due to the ingredients of the food you eat, your hygienic practices, the hygienic practices of those who prepared the food you ate, or how the food was stored or kept. As you can see, food poisoning does not always mean that somebody intended to add a toxic substance in your food. In fact, most cases of food poisoning happen by accident or carelessness.

For your information, there are some foods that microorganisms love to thrive at such as egg. If the shell of an egg is broken, even if it is just a crack, salmonella can enter and live inside. The eggs that have been stored in the shelf for a long period of time may also be housing salmonella microorganisms. That is because the eggshells actually have pores which serves as portal for these sneaky bacteria to enter and invade the inside of the egg. That leads us to the thought that raw and half cooked eggs added to the food we eat like that in salad dressings or simply eaten as it is are actually dangerous practices. Continue doing it at your own risk of salmonella food poisoning.

Your hygienic practices can also save or push you to suffer food poisoning. We know the importance of hand washing and we even teach it to young children but sometimes, we ourselves forget to perform this very important preventive measure. What we held before we saw the tasty finger food that is being passed around might have harbored bacteria that were transmitted to you when you held it. The worse is, you saw the finger food and totally forgot about hand washing before popping it in your mouth.

So maybe you are very strict with your hygienic practices that you think food poisoning cannot happen to you. You always have alcohol in your bag and you really cannot eat without washing your hands. You even make sure that all of your left over foods is stored in the freezer and you do not have pets as you believe that they carry microorganisms with them. The problem is, you like to order your food from restaurants. Even if you trust that the restaurant prepare their products hygienically, there is still a possibility that a worker handled your food improperly thus predisposing you to food poisoning.

Moreover, you can also get food poisoning in a way just like in the situation at the beginning of this article. If you have not stored or kept food properly and there is an uncovered part, even if it is very small, if salmonella sneaked right in it, you are still going to suffer food poisoning.