Fun, Excitement and Celebrations on All New Year Breaks

This New Year you may be thinking that it is time for a different type of break and that the usual night out or house party just doesn’t cut it anymore. If this is the case for you then it is time to look at the holiday parks that can be found scattered around the UK. Their geographical location means that they are accessible to most people in the UK and we all want to let our hair down when it comes to New Years Eve and these holiday parks have the perfect combination of fun, excitement and celebration when it comes to the 31st December.

See in the New Year in style at the holiday parks and you will wonder why you never thought of it before. A great range of activities that are designed to suit all ages as well as catering for the little ones, as they are going to be looking for fun and games as well. The best thing about these holiday parks at New Year is that they cater for any age and any requirement so whether you are looking for loads to do or just kick back and relax, you will find it at the holiday parks. They are great for all families during the festive period and especially at New Year.

You can’t see in 2011 without doing so in style and the parks do not disappoint as they will have everything covered from a superb fireworks display to the flowing of champagne to celebrate in style (of course, it’ll be orange juice for the kids!). You will also find a shop onsite which means you can buy a few post Christmas gifts for the family as well as treating yourselves to a massage at the spa.

The usual games and activities are available so if you are a regular visitor there, you will not be missing out on anything. With plenty on offer for the kids including Santa’s Grotto plus many more festive activities, you and your family will have loads of fun during a period where fun is the name of the game. Family breaks during the New Year are becoming increasingly popular so if you are planning one this December you need to make sure that you do not miss out on the best deals available.

The Easiest Way to Turn on a Beautiful Woman! 3 Proven Ways to Excite Girls Who Are Hard to Get

Okay guys….do you want to know one of the most common questions we get regularly from our male readers? They want to know not only how to pick up more women…..but they’re also finally desperate to start getting with the kind of girls they’ve never been able to get near. What kind of women are those? You know…..the really hot, sort of seeming snobby types (they’re really not!) who always keep walking by whenever you look their way!

But did you know that beautiful women are also far easier to have fall in love ( and lust!) with you once you get inside? It’s true…..and just about every guy I know whose able to score ONCE with a hot girl, almost always find s she melts in his hands once they’ve spent a little bit of time together (which is a whole different subject we’ll cover in another article!).

So what really turns on women who are a bit better than average?

– Confidence: Obviously confidence is key! Yes, this is number #1, and if you’ve got it, you’re going to find it easy pickings regardless of what you look like! And the better looking the girl….the more confidence you are going to need to have, too! ( or least fake it till you do!)

– Adventure is an Aphrodisiac! Want to know what a beautiful woman really wants? Adventure! She’s turned of by boredom. By doing the ordinary things that her friends are doing. She wants more……and if you can give her a sense of this, you are going to find a very receptive and rewarding experience awaits! Simply stated, hot girls are turned ON by men who can give them extraordinary experiences, and if you can, you’re in like Flynn.

– Great Sex! Yes, every beautiful woman I know believes that great sex is important. Why? Think about it…..if you know you can get just about any man you want, why would you settle for average, OK, or simply occasionally stimulating sex! She wants a guy who can really pleasure her between the sheets, and that means you’re whole package better be in good order. ( no pun intended..:-)

And of course there is more….but once you get these 3 down, I guarantee you’ll be getting far more of the kind of woman you want to get with, and wasting far less time on those you don’t!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Golfers

Looking for a great and unique gift idea for the golfer in your life? If so, I bet you’ve already considered some of the more “traditional” golf gifts – things like new clubs, a new bag, golf shirts, shoes, training aides, etc. But, since you’re reading this article, I’m guessing that you decided that those gift ideas were not good enough. Perhaps they’re too traditional. Perhaps the golfer you’re shopping for already has enough golf shirts (who doesn’t?!) and doesn’t need new clubs. Or perhaps you’re just the type of person that likes to give creative gifts instead of the standard, boring gifts.

Whatever your motivation, I’d like to use this article to introduce you to a couple of unique and creative gift ideas for golfers that you may not have considered. All of the golf gifts for men and women that I’m going to mention here are experience gifts. If you are unfamiliar with experience gifts – they are exactly what they sound like. Whereas traditional gifts are things that people take home and keep at their house and use when they want/need to, experience gifts give people an opportunity to go and do something new and unique and create memories that they carry with them for a lifetime. So what kinds of experience gifts are there for golfers?

The most popular of the experience golf gifts for men is one on one lessons with a PGA pro. Now, before you go saying how you know that so-and-so would hate to get some lessons and that they don’t need them and so on…stop and think about it for a minute. PGA professionals are simply the best golfers in the country. No Average Joe Golfer can become a PGA pro, so these lessons will be far and away better than what he’ll be able to get at his local driving range (unless they have a PGA pro on staff). Further, think about all the things that golfers do to try to improve their score – buy new clubs, try different balls, use training aides, read magazines…the list goes on. How many of those things do you think actually help them get the results they want? Well, since they continue to buy them, I’m going to guess zero. Why? Because none of those things are tailored specifically for the individual golfer. Golf magazines can’t write an article that will help cure everyone’s slice because everyone has a difference swing. However, a trained PGA pro will be able to look at their swing and provide the tips they need to improve their swing. So, these are not your average beginner lessons – they’re more of a coaching session with the best possible coach. Best of all, lessons with a PGA pro are not nearly as expensive as you’d think and are available across the country.

If lessons with a PGA pro are not something that you think they’d like, what about a chance to play at one of the courses that the PGA plays at in their most prestigious tournaments? Getting on to these courses can be a lifelong dream for many golf fans and often involves sitting on a waiting list for years. However, with the help of an experience gift company, you can get them a tee time on famous courses like Pinehurst, PGA National, The Homestead, and more.

Finding great golf gifts for men and women that love the game does not necessarily have to involve a trip to the local golf superstore. Instead, check out what experiential gift companies have to offer in your area in the way of gifts – you (and they) will definitely be surprised.

Natural Skin Care And Beauty – The Steps You Need To Know

With everything going green these days, natural skin care has never been more popular. Skin care companies are adding natural based products to their product offerings. Most any beauty store you pass has natural skin care products in the window. However, true natural skin care is more than using just natural products or homemade skin care remedies. It is a lifestyle routine.

Natural skin care is natural beauty and vice versa. However, it is affected by more than what you put on your skin and if that product is natural. Practicing natural skin care involves a lifestyle that practices healthy habits all the time. If you eat a poor diet, never exercise and smoke, then there is not product natural or otherwise that is going to keep your skin young and healthy. The most important factor for maintaining a beautiful complexion starts from the inside. In other words, natural beauty is more than skin deep.

Six Factors That Can Influence the Way Your Skin Looks

  1. Diet: What you put. It is just as important as any product you could put on your skin. A balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits, low in sugar, low in bad fats, rich in calcium and plenty of water, will do more to keep you a natural beauty than any store bought product.
  2. Physical Activity and Proper Sleep: Exercise is great for the skin. It promotes good blood flow to the dermis and brings more oxygen to the skin. On the flip side, getting enough sleep is just as necessary for beautiful skin especially as we age. An average adult should get 8 to 9 hours of sleep when possible.
  3. Environment: The outside and inside environment in which you spend your days can affect your skin in many ways. The sun being the most obvious. UVA/UVB rays can do lots of damage to our skin down to the deeper collagen layers. With all the great sun protection choices available, there is no reason not to protect your skin. Wind can dry and chap your skin and smog can leave a thin layer of dirt on your skin; so make sure you moisturize and keep your skin clean. Even air-conditioning and heating can affect the health of your skin.
  4. Heredity: Great skin or skin problems can run in the family. If you get a beautiful complexion from your grandmother, don’t take it for granted. Your skin will still need proper care. The same goes for skin problems. Do not feel like there is nothing you can do. Following the recommendations here and finding a good skin care system can improve or totally alleviate these problems.
  5. Stress: Avoid stress as much as possible. Too much stress can adversely affect your total health including how your skin looks. Practicing natural skin care includes reducing or eliminating stress from your life.
  6. Medications: Certain medications can affect your skin, sometimes resulting in rashes, dry skin or acne. Always consult your doctor if you are taking medications that seem to be changing your skin. Hormonal medications and some antibiotics are examples.

Other tips for a natural skin care lifestyle are:

1. Give your body a dry brush exfoliation.

Dry brush exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps to detoxify your skin. Dry brushing also improves lymph and blood circulation. The gentle brushing is also relaxing for your nerves and can help decrease puffiness.

2. Try to avoid sugar overload in your diet.

Eating sugar is considered one of the major causes of premature aging. Too much sugar in the bloodstream can cause a process to happen known as glycation. Glycation is when a glucose (sugar) molecule attaches to a protein molecule. When this happens, the protein molecule is damaged and a new molecule is formed and is called advanced glycation end-products or AGE’s. AGE’s damage collagen in the skin, cartilage, and ligaments and causes a loss of elasticity. This causes sagging and wrinkles.

3. Keep things moving.

A sluggish circulation affects your skin by leaving it starved for nutrients. Inactivity can leave you bloated, puffy, increase acne, and encourage cellulite. So if you have a job that leaves you sitting all the time, it is very important to use your breaks and get moving. Talk a couple laps around the office. Join a gym. Get outside on the weekends. Good circulation will improve your skin and your whole body.

4. Rev Up Your Digestion

A good running digestive system is good for your skin and total well being. People with skin problems often suffer from digestive problems like constipation or an imbalance of good and bad bacteria.

To rev up your digestion, try to drink enough water. Water keeps things moving through the colon which is always important. Then make sure to eat enough fiber in your daily diet. In 2002, the National Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board recommended that women, aged 19 to 50 years, need 25 grams of fiber daily and over age 50, 21 grams of fiber. For men, aged 19 to 50 years, 38 grams of fiber is recommended. Men over 50 years, need to include 31 grams of fiber in their diet.

To add fiber to your diet, make sure to include whole grain products, cauliflower, apples with skin, nuts and seeds, prunes, bean, legumes and ground flax seed.

5. Eat Good Fats

Good fats are the essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. Your body cannot live without these essential fatty acids. EFA’s are needed to make cell membranes, hormones, and other body chemicals. They protect your heart and fight inflammation. EFA’s can help people with dry skin, acne and eczema. Essential fatty acids can be found in cold water fish like salmon or sardines, flaxseed oil, walnut oil, and supplements.

A few more steps that you should include in your natural skin care and beauty system are:

  • Brush your teeth after every meal
  • Pamper yourself with a weekly facial or steam
  • Treat yourself to a monthly or more total body treatment
  • Always protect your skin from the sun and elements
  • Use natural skin care products
  • Be happy and confident! A smiling face always shows your inner beauty.

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