Gift Giving By The Numbers

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me….. ” Do you want to know what your true love really wants? I thought it might be perfect timing to point out that Numerology is a wonderful way to select a gift because we tend to gravitate towards things that are a reflection of our energy, in fact, our energy is the very reason we want the things we do.

Here is a little shopping advice courtesy of the Numbers:

Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th

Uniqueness counts to a person with 1 energy so look for something unusual. 1s tend to be quite physical so look into his or her favorite sport and perhaps buy them the tennis racquet of their dreams or even consider purchasing tickets to their favorite sporting event or even a sports club membership. Ones are quite ambitious and are destined to be their own boss so perhaps a subscription to an Entrepreneur Magazine would be a useful item. For her a unique “one of a kind” piece of jewelry would make her eyes light up and make her spirits bright. The one thing you don’t want to give a 1 for Christmas is advice…or anything everyone else in the world has.

Born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th

Your 2 person is such a romantic so think about a framed picture of yourself with a little love note. You might buy a bottle of wine and some crystal glasses and add in a candle and a promise of an intimate dinner together. People with 2 energy tend to be collectors so perhaps, if you do not know, find out what item they collect and buy a new addition for their collection. A CD of their favorite music is an excellent idea and you might even want to pick out some soft vibrational music to soothe their souls. Heart shaped necklace for her or any jewelry that is sentimental. A gift of a poetry book or a DVD of a romantic movie might be just the ticket too. 2s can be a bit nit-picky about their clothing so it might be best to leave those choices up to them.

Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th

People with 3 energy tend to be trend setters so when it comes to how they dress, think stylish and trendy. They also do not mind the attention so do not fear bold colors and styles when picking out clothing. 3s admire luxury so when it comes to decorator pillows and throws or anything for the home, think decadent. Perfume or cologne, hair products, cosmetics and jewelry all would please a 3. Think playful and fun too and remember video games for him and a DVD of a great comedy for her. If it makes you laugh, buy it and you can be sure your favorite 3 will love it.

Born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st

Think practical and sensible and you have the picture for your favorite 4. They hate to waste money and that includes yours, so make sure it is an item they can use. Gardening tools might be a good suggestion as people with 4 energy enjoy working outdoors or in the garden. When it comes to clothing keep your choices on the conventional and practical side. 4s love to be organized so anything for the home, such as desk organizers, would be a welcome gift. Better yet, ask your favorite 4 for a list of items they would love to receive and make them happy by allowing them to make, yet another, list.

Born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd

If your significant other has 5 energy, you have a wide range of options because 5s are multi-talented and have such a curious nature. They love to learn but tend to read the “cliff notes” so an ideal gift would be a magazine subscription on one of his favorite subjects. 5s love things which create an experience and they love travel and adventure. Consider a gift of a getaway weekend, a concert ticket or a gift certificate at a fine restaurant. If your favorite 5 is a female, make Victoria’s Secret a first stop on your shopping trip because she will surely appreciate it. 5s are quite sensuous and making her feel feminine and desired is a great gift. If all else fails, buy your 5 the latest in electronic gadgets or cell phones because 5s truly appreciate new technology.

Born on the 6th, 15th or 24th

Keep warm and cozy in mind and you will do fairly well with a 6. Anything that beautifies the home and brings comfort is a welcome gift. A gift that would delight would be a basket of homemade cookies and hot cocoa mixes, complete with colorful kitchen towels and cocoa mugs. Female 6s prefer comfortable clothing and would probably prefer a soft warm velour jogging suit over something fussier. 6s appreciate homemade gifts and take great joy with decorating so if you have a flair for being crafty, why not consider making your favorite 6 their Christmas gift this year. Other gift ideas include family portraits, music CDs, cookbooks and Godiva Chocolates and animal inspired gifts.

Born on the 7th, 16th or 25th

Time to go to Barnes and Nobles and grab a gift certificate because a book is always a great idea for your favorite 7. You can not go wrong! 7s also appreciate time-worn pieces that speak of simpler times so you might want to consider shopping at your local antique shop for that special something. 7s appreciate quality over quantity so one very special item is your shopping goal.Your 7 is either very spiritual or very scientific but, either way, probably loves anything that is challenging to the mind. A Mahjong game or perhaps a Su Doku Puzzle book would make for an interesting gift. When it comes to clothing, think dignified and classic designs.

Born on the 8th, 17th or 26th

Your favorite 8 likes to look successful so hopefully your pocketbook can stand shopping in the designer label departments. To an 8, appearances do matter. Male or female, your 8 likes expensive jewelry and top of the line apparel. I am sure their letter to Santa included the words BMW, Armani, Bose and Gucci. Can you say “Neiman Marcus?” If all else fails, a leather-bound day runner or attach will do nicely and if you have time, get it monogrammed.

Born on the 9th, 18th or 27th Your 9 has a love of the arts and is probably appreciates fine novels as well. There are many lovely coffee table books on many artistic subjects ranging from interior design to fine art.Your 9 might be one of those people who already has everything so, if that is the case, you might want to donate to his or her favorite charity in his or her name. 9s are the humanitarians of the world and would consider that a worthy gift.

-Alison Baughman

It’s Alive! – The Importance of Choosing Living Foods

You absorb the sun’s energy through the food you eat as well as through your skin. Stored sun energy from your food gets into your cells in the form of tiny particles of light. These light particles are called ‘biophotons’, which are the smallest physical units of light.

We all know sunlight is vital – without the sun it is virtually impossible for most life forms to exist on this earth. In fact, we can all attest to the revitalizing effect sunlight has on our spirits,
souls and bodies, especially after a long, dark, dreary winter. Those first warm sunny spring days boost our moods and energy levels.

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a brilliant German biochemist, says live foods are electron-rich, attract, store, and conduct the sun’s energy in your body. The more light energy you have stored, the greater your electromagnetic field is, which creates more available energy for healing and maintaining optimal health.

Consider this: The most basic building blocks in our bodies are cells. Cells group together to make tissues; tissues form organs. Our organs form our 7 body systems. In nature we have 7 primary colors – the 7 colors of the rainbow. In music there are 7 notes. Just as musical instruments must be properly tuned to produce beautiful music – the 7 systems in our bodies must be “in tune with nature”.

We can actually be considered to be “human photocells,” whose basic nutrient is sunlight. I mentioned something called “biophotons,” earlier. They contain important biological information, which controls complex vital processes in your body. These light units actually have the power to order and regulate body functions. When we are saturated with these, we enjoy greater feelings of vitality and well-being.

So why is this important to you? Very simply, the more sunlight a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. The ability to store biophotons is a measure of the quality of your food.

What foods specifically are we talking about? Your body was designed with the built-in ability to recognize the pure nutrition that nature provides and whole foods are the purest form of nutrition available – they are alive! They carry bio-electric energy and other complex nutritional messages that vibrate with frequencies that energize the body.

Specifically, naturally grown, fresh vegetables and sun-ripened fruits are rich in light energy. Raw, live foods, like sprouts are particularly alive with this energy.

Minerals are particularly powerful sources of biophotons. Where do you find them? In natural, unprocessed Celtic sea salt, seaweeds, fish, bee pollen, properly soaked and/or sprouted grains, raw seeds and nuts. All foods I suggest you begin including in your meal plans.

The food you choose can nourish not only your body but your spirit and soul as well. Spiritual nutrition includes whole foods, and the energetic qualities of the food. Please don’t get nervous and think this is some “new age” stuff. I assure you it is the way God created the living foods we are to use as fuel. Our bodies, souls and spirits receive important information when we provide them with nutrient-dense, fresh,whole foods.

So my suggestion to you is this: begin to include more raw, living foods in your daily meal plans. A very easy way to begin is simply by eating a raw salad daily topped with sprouts; eating a few pieces of ripe fruit; and properly preparing your whole grains.

Remember the Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 30:19 to choose life. Part of that is choosing the right fuels to nourish ourselves. Next time you are choosing foods for your meal, ask yourself – is there any life in this?

Chanel Hand Bags – A Necessity For Any Fashion Conscious Woman

Chanel is a well known product of France which is owned by the French Wertheimer family. This brand has been known to produce perfumes and other products since 1870. Starting from the city of Paris, Chanel has become the most popular brand in the World. The original hand Bag of this brand was developed in 1980’s and soon became a status symbol for the fashion conscious wealthy ladies from elite families of that time. Even now world-wide the die hard loyalists of this brand belong to the celebrity circle such as actresses and super models.

Chanel is one of the most sort-after brands by the ladies of taste all over the world. Accessorizing one’s dresses is an art ladies have mastered over the years, and the most important accessory known to the woman kind is the hand bag. A chic hand bag brightens up the outfit and gives a classy statement even to the dullest of dresses. Chanel has introduced a line of impeccably stitched handbags in exquisite pieces of original leather. Catering to all types of women from all kinds of social circles, these bags are a must have for any woman who appreciates style. For the business woman, Chanel has a variety of small bags and clutches which do not present a hassle to carry and have sufficient space to stuff the important business cards and money. These bags are available in more sober colors so as to give off a professional yet classy look, the colors range from chocolate brown to grey while black being the most favorite among the ladies. For the glitterati of the society Chanel has designed beautiful eye catching bags with elegant embellishments. The colors vary according to the dress one is supporting, so a vast variety of evening clutches are available in neon pinks, reds, purples, black and so on.

Since Chanel is an expensive brand and not a lot of people can afford its products some companies have started producing replicas of these bags. The replicas may look exactly the same from a distance and may cost a lot less than the original Chanel bag, but it lacks the “IT’ factor that only comes with genuine leather material and exquisite stitching. For the ladies who appreciate fashion in its real sense, they would save up money to buy an original Chanel handbag than to squander money on a fake one that does not fulfill the glamorous requirements.

Online Clothing Business – Why is There a Continuing Search For Reliable Drop Shippers?

The clothing business is one of the highly valued online retail industries. It has attracted significant following owing to the premium products and the value for money that it offers to buyers. The products that are now being sold had since ramified and clothing enthusiasts are flocking to the internet in their search for affordable clothing goods. This increasing variety of clothing products now being sold online is mostly due to drop ship companies. Indeed, many drop shipping companies and individuals have found their niche in the online business, supplying retailers, sellers and auctioneers different kinds of clothing goods.

There is at present a rush on the part of many online clothing retailers and sellers to find reliable drop shipping partners. In fact, most retailers are doing business with two (2) or more drop ship companies, allowing them to access different kinds of clothing products. Why online retailers are finding drop ship arrangements as indispensable component of their trade is not hard to comprehend. Wholesalers and manufacturers with drop ship facilities provide online sellers the ability to lower the price tags of their products. In effect, with cheaper and affordable clothing goods, online sellers are able to attract and corner a big chunk of the online market.

It is likewise noteworthy that doing business with drop shippers not only allows online businessmen to sell different types of clothing goods sourced from different wholesalers and manufacturers, but most importantly, the online businessmen can do this without maintaining these supplies in a warehouse or in display centers. What online sellers are now doing is to accept orders from buyers and forward the order to the wholesaler or manufacturer with drop shipping capabilities; the drop shipper will then take the order and deliver the purchased item to the buyer. It appears that the online retailer is simply facilitating the sale of the item by acting as a middle person between the drop shipper and the online buyer. However, the transaction is actually between the seller and the buyer since in most cases, the item is packed and delivered to the buyer with the seal and trade name of the seller pasted on it.

With the kind of convenience and flexibility that drop shippers are giving the online sellers, prices of a good number of clothing products are going down. And while the online sellers continue to reap dividends from their partnership with drop shippers, there is likewise a continuing search for reliable drop ship companies capable of maintaining the trust and confidence of the online market.