Holidays To Ibiza After The Party Season

The quintessential party island, Ibiza is known for its all night raves, superstar DJs, non-stop nightlife and hardcore clubbing. But there is more to this beautiful island than glow sticks and going home at 6am! Not only that, but there are lots of cheap holidays to this Mediterranean jewel to discover. Take a look at what there is to offer….

Firstly, as you would imagine, Ibiza has a wealth of breathtaking beaches for everyone, whether you’re the relax with a book type of holiday maker or after a bit more action. Big on water sports, Ibiza offers fun filled holidays for beach enthusiasts of all ages. And if you need a break from all that relaxing, take in one of the many boat tours around the island or to the nearby island of Formentera, an island of unspoilt countryside.

Over 100,000 years old are the Can Marca Caves. Discovered by smugglers who used it for hiding their treasure, the mysterious caves have formed eons, stalagmites and stalactites; over many levels, it really is other worldly. At the heart is a spectacular Music and Light Show with a 30 foot cascade of dazzling bright water. Explore on your own or book yourself onto one of the many tours available, which will give you even more insight to the caves history.

Holidays to Ibiza wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the Hippy Markets. Whether you’re a shopaholic or not, they’re a sight to behold! Selling trinkets, hand-made crafts and jewellery, you can find them all over the island on most days of the week. The girls will love them!

With cheap flights you’ll find that most Ibiza airport transfers will transport you to Ibiza Old Town, a great place to start your holiday, which has some great Ibiza hotels as well. Explore the narrow, steep cobbled streets and awe-inspiring views as you make your way to the heart of the old town; enter through a dramatic main entrance up a slope, crossing a drawbridge through the Portal de Ses Taules which gives way to an ancient cobbled stone courtyard. This is historic Ibiza at its best.

Holidays to Ibiza wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the Hippy Markets. Whether you’re a shopaholic or not, they’re a sight to behold! Selling trinkets, hand-made crafts and jewellery, you can find them all over the island on most days of the week. The girls will love them!

Finally, as the sun sets, visit one of Ibiza’s most famous landmarks, Las Salinas Salt Flats. Located on the southern most tip of the island, the salt fields have been in use for over 2000 years; as the water evaporates over the hottest months, a sparkling layer of pure salt is left on the bottom of the lakes. An exceptional photo moment you won’t find on any other cheap holidays.

Jewelry Stores – Understanding the Mystery

Jewelry stores can confuse almost anyone. They are full of mirrors and jewellery and lights and sometimes making a choice seems like an almost impossible task. While are counters are usually divided according to gold jewellery, diamond jewellery and even sterling jewellery, they are rarely divided according to budgets. Most of the items are mixed and looking for the various ornaments that fit within your budget can be an almost impossible task. Thankfully there are ways to get by in these jewellery shops and all one needs to do is keep a few basics in mind so as to emerge the winner here.

The first thing to do when you visit jewelry stores is to ask for assistance. In case you are just looking around, let the sales person know. If you are looking for ornaments in a particular metal or stone, then this should also be conveyed. For those who are searching within a budget rather than going for a metal type, it will help to ask the sales person for assistance here too. Keep in mind that it is their job to help you and they know their way around the store much better.

Jewelry stores offer a rather large range of variety and some pretty unusual jewellery too. This usually makes it difficult to make a choice. It will help here to keep putting aside the pieces that you do like and then once you have seen the entire store, you can go back to the ones chosen earlier and narrow down your choice to one or two as the case maybe.

Irrespective of whether you are looking to buy sterling jewellery or the more expensive range of gold and platinum, do keep in mind that you must seek out a break up of the cost. Indeed finely crafted pieces charge more for their workmanship, while those that have not been given added attention may come at a lower cost. Do ask what you are being charged for the metal and what is the price that you are paying for the workmanship? Keep in mind that the metal cost is what you will be reimbursed in case you return the ornament, while the workmanship cost will be deleted completely.

If you do happen to shop when the jewellery shops go on sale, do not forget to take a certificate of authentication along with sales receipt. Many a time one tends to buy during a sale simply due to the discounted price, only to realise later that the metal is not of sound quality and repent later. So you inquire about the break up cost of the jewellery and what will you be refunded in case you need to give the ornament back to the store.

It will also help to brush up on your knowledge of jewelry when setting out to visit these jewelry stores. Learn about the going rate of the various metals, how diamonds are priced, why deeper stones are considered better, etc. these tips will help you in keeping the reins of the shopping in your hands.

Different Types of Ladies Footwear and Jewellery Sets

Ladies footwear is one of the most important fashion accessory used by women. Today there are different types of footwear available in various styles and materials to suit various occasions. Ranging from high heeled shoes to mules, the variety of footwear for women is vast and varied. The online stores are flooded with a diverse collection of different types of shoes, sandals and flats which can be worn to work, parties and other social events.

Types of Ladies Footwear

Sandals: One of the most common types of footwear that blends both style and grace are the sandals. There are different types of sandals available in many of the offline and online stores quite easily. Sandals with colorful straps, that suit different types of outfits, can be easily bought these days. It can be worn with informal and casual outfits. Most of the women prefer to wear sandals for evening walks as it is cool and comfortable. Sandals can also be worn during formal events too.

Heeled shoes: These pair of popular ladies footwearis usually worn by women who seek extra height. Most of the women love to wear heels regardless of their height. Heels add to their styling factor and accentuate the body language in more ways than one. There are different types of heeled shoes available today. One of the most popular varieties of heeled shoes includes the stilettos. These shoes have pointed toes and very high heels of around 4 inches or more. The heels are extremely narrow and are supported by a piece of metal.

Pumps are another variety of heeled shoes with 2-3 inches of heels. These shoes have round or pointed toe. The chunky heels are quite comfortable to wear as it includes thick heels with a round toe. The wedge heel includes a solid heel that supports the whole shoe. All these shoes are available in different heights to suit different requirements.

Mules: Ladies footwear also includes mules which are basically backless shoes. These shoes have mid heels or low heels. Mules can be worn by brides as it blends well with the bridal outfits. These shoes are available in different colors and patterns to suit different types of outfits. It is also quite comfortable and stylish.

Boots: Another stylish and chic variety of shoes include the boots which are available in different styles. Fashion boots are available in different lengths.

Gorgeous Bridal Jewellery Sets

In addition to various types of footwear, bridal jewellery sets are also available in different varieties and prices. The various types of wedding jewellery include necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and earrings. There are many other traditional jewelry sets worn by the Indian brides these days.

Beautifully embellished necklaces with diamond pendants are also considered to be one of the best wedding sets worn by the Indian brides. There are many companies that sell authentic and classic bridal sets and outfits at various prices. Most of these companies are listed online so it is quite easy to make purchases. The right type of footwear, jewelry sets and outfit are essential to complete the bridal wear.