Chanel Hand Bags – A Necessity For Any Fashion Conscious Woman

Chanel is a well known product of France which is owned by the French Wertheimer family. This brand has been known to produce perfumes and other products since 1870. Starting from the city of Paris, Chanel has become the most popular brand in the World. The original hand Bag of this brand was developed in 1980’s and soon became a status symbol for the fashion conscious wealthy ladies from elite families of that time. Even now world-wide the die hard loyalists of this brand belong to the celebrity circle such as actresses and super models.

Chanel is one of the most sort-after brands by the ladies of taste all over the world. Accessorizing one’s dresses is an art ladies have mastered over the years, and the most important accessory known to the woman kind is the hand bag. A chic hand bag brightens up the outfit and gives a classy statement even to the dullest of dresses. Chanel has introduced a line of impeccably stitched handbags in exquisite pieces of original leather. Catering to all types of women from all kinds of social circles, these bags are a must have for any woman who appreciates style. For the business woman, Chanel has a variety of small bags and clutches which do not present a hassle to carry and have sufficient space to stuff the important business cards and money. These bags are available in more sober colors so as to give off a professional yet classy look, the colors range from chocolate brown to grey while black being the most favorite among the ladies. For the glitterati of the society Chanel has designed beautiful eye catching bags with elegant embellishments. The colors vary according to the dress one is supporting, so a vast variety of evening clutches are available in neon pinks, reds, purples, black and so on.

Since Chanel is an expensive brand and not a lot of people can afford its products some companies have started producing replicas of these bags. The replicas may look exactly the same from a distance and may cost a lot less than the original Chanel bag, but it lacks the “IT’ factor that only comes with genuine leather material and exquisite stitching. For the ladies who appreciate fashion in its real sense, they would save up money to buy an original Chanel handbag than to squander money on a fake one that does not fulfill the glamorous requirements.