Permanent Hair Removal Prices – How to Get the Best Value!

Vanity is almost synonymous to being costly. The two words even rhyme. Amusing, yet this is the truth and your bills can prove it. Looking good costs a lot of money these days, you wish there are ways you can cut on your beauty expenses without taking for granted your need to look beautiful and striking day after day. Start now by cutting back on your expenses by going to the salon every time you need your unsightly hair waxed or by buying depilatory creams or by buying shavers. Having your unwanted hair permanently removed may seem expensive but in the long run, it will really save you a heap. Permanent hair removal prices ranges from $30 to $500 depending on the treatment you wanted done.

Laser hair permanent removal is not often painful. The process is also quick wherein the professional doing it will shoot a burst of laser light to the unwanted hair and the hair will absorb the light and heat from the laser. The light and heat destroys the follicle thus putting a stop to the growth of hair. But this method cannot be operated on everyone; the consumer must have dark hair. The reason behind this is that dark hair have adequate tint to absorb the light and heat coming from the laser. Also, this is only applicable to fair skinned end user because dark skin can absorb too much heat because of the pigment and might result to scarring and burns. The prices for this procedures ranges from $50 for small areas such as the upper lip or chin and $500 for larger areas such as the arms. Another treatment is electrolysis wherein a needle is prodded in the hair follicle. The procedure sounds painful and it is indeed excruciating rather than the Laser hair permanent removal because every follicle is ministered separately. This method either overheats or electrifies the follicle to spurn the growth of hair. Sessions starts at $30 to $50 depending on the salon, the technician and the duration of time for every session. An alternative method is called Intense Pulsed Light it is quite similar to Laser hair removal but make use of a high energy lamp instead of a laser. The prices for this procedures start at $40 for smaller areas and shoots up to $400 for larger areas.

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